What to look for when searching for a sash window repair company near me?

In this article, we’ll look at the different qualities that customers should look for when deciding which sash window repair company to go with.





When searching for a sash window repair company, customers want assurance that they are able to rely on a company to preserve the integrity of the sash window whilst providing draught proofing and rot control. The traditional carpentry techniques employed by Grosvenor Restoration provide a long-lasting solution to sash window restoration.


Grosvenor Restoration treat each case individually and produce a solution that is bespoke to you – a personalised service is what we do best.




We 15 years’ experience in delivering quality and expertise to a range of domestic homes and commercial buildings.  Often described as an art form, the restoration of sash windows should always be completed by a professional. It is vital that your chosen restoration company is abreast of up to date local building legislation – a quality that all experienced professionals possess.




To be able to meet local building regulations, it’s important that your sash window restoration company fully understands the requirements and can liaise with the local Conservation Officer if required. And then, of course, is able to carry out the necessary work. In addition to this, we are approved suppliers of Pilkington Spacia and LandVac retro-glazing systems.




Based in the Staffordshire, Grosvenor Restoration is in the ideal geographic location to carry out expert sash window restoration projects in a range of locations.


Grosvenor Restoration


Grosvenor Restoration is an installer and repairer of traditional timber windows and doors in Staffordshire. As well as installation and repair, we can also supply-only the specialist glass units themselves using world-renowned brands. We are approved Pilkington SpaciaTM suppliers – the world’s first commercially available vacuum glazing. These extra-thin panes of glass are not only aesthetically pleasing but highly efficient for both heat and noise.



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