Period Window Shutters

Today we ask are Original Window Shutters Repairable?

Walk along most streets today and you will see the growing popularity of Plantation Shutters with adjustable louvres to control privacy and light (see:

However window shutters are not new and were very popular back in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Being installed inside the window reveal they gave protection from intruders as well as the elements. In addition to providing a degree of insulation from the cold they also gave shade and reduced the intense sun fading the furnishings.

Shutters were made of wooden boards either hinged together horizontally (what we term nowadays as bi-folds) and housed in side reveals. Some were housed in a recess beneath a flap under the window and slid vertically up and down balanced with cords, pulleys and weights, much like the operation of the sash windows.

The hinged shutters were fastened with large iron bars that located across the panels. Usually only the outer facing panel was decorative with the inner boards being plain timber.

Period shutters often suffered through neglect. Panels gathered rot from within the box, hinges broke, panels warped and the building itself moved taking the panels out of alignment so they were often sealed in and the boxes painted over. So it’s not surprising that some homeowners do not even know they exist!

The good news is they can be repaired. If panels are rotten or missing then the timber can be repaired or replacement panels re-made. All the necessary ironmongery is quite readily available and with some perseverance and effort they can be restored back into good working condition.

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Original Condition

Following Repairs

Following Repairs