A hybrid approach to improving thermal efficiency

Here we challenge the one-size-fits all approach to improving energy saving

When you consider upgrading your windows in your period home it may start with an internet search. Companies may suggest changing all your windows to new double glazed, re-glaze all your windows, secondary glaze them all etc.

Without being too cynical if a company sells PVCu windows then they are probably going to suggest replacing them all with PVCu!

Our process is always to look carefully with you at your home, how you use it and which rooms are a priority.  For example the Lounge is where you may spend lots of time so needs to be comfortable, however the downstairs toilet less so.

A nursery again needs to be comfortable and draught free whereas a box room used mainly for storage would be less critical.

So why not use a hybrid approach to improving the windows in your home?

Think about what you want from that room and focus the budget accordingly.

Also the solution you choose may be affected by the style of window. A wide, short bedroom may suit horizontal sliding secondary glazing whereas a patio door may suit re-glazing to maintain easy access.

A utility room may actually benefit from deliberately not double glazing and draught sealing as some ventilation may be important to prevent damp and mould building up.

Aesthetics also play an important part. If you have an original Victorian sash window with fine mouldings and decorative surrounds it would be a crying shame to rip it all out and replace with modern material. It could also de-value your home as the original features are always desirable.

So when you look to upgrade your home, decide room by room, window by window to get an overall better outcome and prioritise the budget