Toughened Ultra-Slim Vacuum Glazing
The World’s First Toughened Vacuum Glazing

Ultra-LandVac Ultra-Slim Vacuum GlazingLandVac Ultra-Slim Vacuum GlazingSlim Vacuum Glazing has been around for a long time now, something like 20 years. Until now it has not been possible to produce such glazing to comply with the need for safety where the glass is fitted into doors, door surrounds or at low level.

LandGlass has long been a market leader in the production of equipment for toughening all types of glass. They have combined this technology and experience with the development of high performance Vacuum Insulated Glazing to produce LandVac. The first manufacturer to produce toughened safety glass in a unit 8mm thick and with incredible thermal heat saving performance as has been mentioned in previous blogs.

This opens up a whole new market for retro-fitting double glazing where safety is critical or required by law, or for manufacture of new fine joinery to avoid the need for application of a safety film post installation.

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