Vacuum Insulated Glass | The scope of VIG in the United Kingdom

Vacuum Insulated Glass | The scope of VIG in the United Kingdom

In 1913, the inception of Vacuum insulated glass raised on a very high level in front of people. The vacuum simply has a double glazed unit and not gas in the cavity. For refitting the heritage windows, from single glazing to double glazing and vacuum insulated glass is used for high performances and appearance to single glazing. With an ultra slim profile of just 10.3mm VIG can offer you a U value of 0.4W m2.K. Further, you find it helping in saving the lost energy in every window system of 8mm glass.

The scope of vacuum insulated glass

As it becomes more and more important every year to make every effort to protect our planets environment, VIG can help. People in the UK have been using Vacuum insulated glass (VIG) to help reduce energy usage (and bills!).

The basic purposes and uses of VIG

Here are some great applications for vacuum insulated glass:

High rise structures

VIG was developed in Japan’s earthquake zones to make buildings that are mostly class – i.e. skyscrapers, office buildings etc, stronger. The design enables engineers to make stronger, lighter buildings that are more resilient to earthquakes.

Passive House Systems

VIG is perfect for the Passive Houses where energy efficient windows that are tightly sealed integrate with the system. Passive Houses work by restricting air flow in and out of the building and being incredibly well insulated. This means that rooms can easily maintain regular temperatures, so it takes a lot less energy to keep them warm or cool.

Heritage Windows

The slim profile of vacuum insulated glass makes it popular with heritage renovation projects where the main objective for the local planning authority is to have an appearance of single glazed windows. Of course, using archaic and inefficient building materials is not what any home owner would want, so VIG fits the bill perfectly.

In Conclusion

So, it totally depends upon us to take care of the future and think outside of the box while using VIG for windows. To assist you completely in the selection of the right product, Grosvenor Restoration plays a very important role. For the renovation and new projects, we will provide you with VIG that will be of high quality and fulfil your needs perfectly. We are one of only a handful of LandVac distributors and installers in the UK. Our knowledge and expertise will ensure you get the right product for your needs.

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