LandVac Toughened Vacuum Insulated Glass

LandVac vacuum glazing has a number of benefits that can improve the efficiency and performance of the sash windows in a period property. Benefits include:

  • Fully temperedLandVac is a fully tempered vacuum insulated glass. LandVac retains the safety features of tempered glass against impact. The surface stress of any position in LandVac tempered vacuum insulated glass exceeds 90MPa.
  • Energy SavingsThe thermal insulation performance of LandVac is 2 to 4 times better than insulated glass due to its’ high vacuum interspace that eliminates any gas heat transfer. By using high-performance Low-E coating, it also considerably suppresses radiation heat transfer and reduces the U-value of LandVac to 0.48 W/(m2K).
  • LongevityThe life expectancy of LandVac exceeds 25 years. The flexible edge sealing materials waken the shear forces around the seams, avoiding the sealing failure caused by the brittle edge sealing material. With the assistance of built-in high-efficiency getter material, LandVac can sustain its superior performance against harsh environments and material ageing for a long time.
  • Eliminates dew condensationLandVac effectively eliminates dew condensation between glass layers. Dew condensation is caused by the temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces of the insulated glass. The high vacuum interspace of LandVac effectively eliminates the dew condensation phenomenon, while the outstanding thermal insulation performance ensures interior glass surface free of condensation even when the outdoor temperature falls to -40 ℃.
  • Noise reductionLandVac effectively blocks medium and low frequency penetrating noises. The high vacuum interspace of LandVac effectively blocks sound transmission. For every 5 dB of noise increase, the effect on auditory experiences differs by 3 to 4 times. The weighted sound insulation measurement indicates that an outdoor noise level of 75 dB, can be reduced by 39 dB with LandVac, while the typical reduction by regular laminated glass is only 29 dB. It has a remarkable soundproofing effect against medium and low frequency noise such as traffic and construction noise.noise bar chart
  • FlexibilityFactors such as geographical location, elevation, and installation angle do not affect the performance of LandVac. Thanks to the high vacuum interspace of LandVac, there is no thermal expansion or contraction even if the elevation of the location where it’s used is largely different from where it’s manufactured. The heat transfer coefficient of LandVac remains constant regardless of whether it’s mounted horizontally or with an angle, making it suitable for energy efficient roofing or slope installation.

LandVac Specification Table

Product Type U-value Visible Light Transmittance Thickness Weight
4TL +0.3V+4T
0.48 70 % 8.3 mm 20 kg/㎡
Insulated Glass
0.97 56 % 36 mm 32 kg/㎡