LandVac Questions & Answers

All standard Insulated Glazing Units are filled with a combination of air or inert gas such as Argon and Krypton to slow down heat transfer between the panes. Moisture is controlled by dessicant in the edge seal.
Yes. So can be used for doors, door surrounds and low level glazing.
Gas permeation is common in all kinds of materials. Under the effect of light and temperature, there will be surface outgassing phenomenon, such as the long-term outgassing rate of glass is in the order of 10-11 PA · L / s. Therefore, it is necessary to place a getter to absorb the increased gas to maintain a high vacuum.
No. We group orders to build-up a sufficient quantity to optimise shipping costs from LandGlass. So the glass cost will be the same regardless of volume. The delivery to your local address is also fixed (within normal geographical constraints). A single delivery cost will be applied to each order.
Yes. The glazing rebate will need to be checked by us or your own contractor.
Standard LandVac is 8.3mm. Options are available for thicker glass if the application demands. For certain ratios of width and height, the factory may manufacture 10.3mm LandVac for stability in handling and installation. Please consult us before ordering.
The presence of a vacuum provides for excellent sound insulation near to acoustic glass with a weighted Sound Reduction Index of 36dB.
We aim to give plenty of information on our website for you to decide whether LandVac is right for you and/or your project. And we are always happy to discuss specific details over the telephone or e-mail. Samples are available and are generally charged on a sale or return basis.
When in service glass will actually bend dependant on the temperature conditions. The flexible edge seal used in LandVac allows for this movement and increases the life span of the glass. See the incredible video that shows a test of the edge seal between LandVac and another product that uses a glass frit for edge sealing.
To ensure UK wide reach our approach is to support you and your chosen installer or contractor to provide training and support for installation.
Usual lead times are 12 weeks from order. This may extend slightly if we need to wait to build up a group of smaller orders.
Yes. Within certain parameters. Please check with us but the standard shapes of single arches can be made.
We would not expect condensation on the inside of the glass except for extreme circumstances. LandVac insulates so well that condensation is often seen on the outside of the glass as the outer pane doesn’t heat up, particularly in Spring and Autumn when the air is heavily moisture laden and the external temperature drops. This generally goes away once the sun comes up.
LandVac is toughened glass as standard. Like all toughened glass it can display unevenness due to the processing requirements. The internal spacers can also lead to some optical distortion. This may be seen as attractive as it replicates historic glass.