Shutter Restoration

The Victorians knew a thing or two about shutters which were fitted for security, insulation, light control and some other quite different reasons. When house owners went away for the season, birds could fly into the windows (as the glass was very thin in those days) and the interiors of homes would be damaged. In addition to this, UV rays from sunlight also faded carpets and damaged furniture.They were generally made of cedar or pine. Sometimes they comprised hinged panels that folded back into a box at the side of the window and earlier Georgian shutters were pulled up on cords from a panel beneath the window.

Regrettably by now many will have rotted, twisted, been painted in and become unusable.

Dependable, quick, and easy shutter repair

We are experienced professionals that have specialist knowledge in the renovation of  window shutters from all time periods. Using a reputable business not only improves the longevity of your shutters, it can enhance the value of your home, reduce energy bills, provide privacy and reduce external noise.

plantation-shutter-repairshutter repair service staffordshire

Grosvenor Restoration offers a full, professional renovation and repair service that uses traditional carpentry techniques to restore original shutters to their original, usable condition. Shutters can be repaired by

  • splicing in new moulded sections,
  • re-corded to close properly
  • re-hinged and adjusted to close properly.

We also offer replacement shutters where the originals are beyond repair or no longer exist.

Replacement Shutters

Where your home requires replacement shutters, either café style, full height, tier-on-tier or solid, a specialist from Grosvenor Shutters can help you.

Did you know that Grosvenor Restoration also provides expert sash window repair and draught proofing? Learn more today.